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Banana pie with ice cream

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Banana pie with chocolate and ice cream

Banana pie with chocolate and ice cream Banana Pie, a delicious pie with bananas, vanilla ice cream and delicious chocolate, decorated with cream and roasted walnuts. You can also add pecans that add a distinctive flavor if you add it. Try it and enjoy with friends and family. Ingredients for banana pie with chocolate and ice cream: 60 vanilla cookies 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut + extra for the topping 1 piece of melted unsalted butter 2 bananas of medium size 4 cups of vanilla ice cream 4 cups of chocolate ice cream 1 cup of cream,A teaspoon of confectioners' sugar How to make banana pie with chocolate and ice cream: 1.Put the vanilla biscuits, coconut, butter in the blender until divided, and spread them at the bottom of a circular tray (9 inches), slice the bananas and arrange them in a layer on top of the crust (vanilla, coconut, butter), and put them in the refrigerator until the crust holds together for about 20 minutes Meanwhile, let the vanilla ice cream come at room temperature until it melts a bit. 2. Spread the vanilla ice cream evenly over the banana layer, and put it in the fridge until it sets for about 2 hours. Also, let the chocolate ice cream melt a little at room temperature, then spread it over the vanilla layer, cover it with plastic wrap, and ice it until it sets, for at least two hours. Take them out of the fridge, 20 minutes before serving

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