Best ways to lose weight easily

30 ways to lose weight

1 – Drinking water when feeling hungry between the main meals, as this would prevent indulging in devouring foods that add unnecessary calories to the body.

2 – Do not neglect breakfast, because it makes the person less hungry in the following meals.

3 – Start eating green salad at the beginning of lunch and dinner, as this fills the stomach, speeds up satiety and reduces the amount of food eaten.

4 – Replacing milk and its full-fat derivatives with low-fat ones that give fewer calories.

5 – Stop eating as soon as you feel full, as it is not necessary for a person to finish his entire plate, and it is preferable if the food is eaten in small plates because this will determine the amount of food, and in this context studies have reported that the use of small plates pushes their owners to consume lower quantities of food. food.

6- Replacing the fast-absorbing white bread with the slow-absorbing brown bread, because the latter remains wandering in the digestive tube for a relatively longer period of time than its white counterpart, which delays the feeling of hunger.

7- Not using food sugar to sweeten drinks, such as coffee, tea and chocolate, or working on using other sweetener alternatives.

8 – Beware of soft drinks that contain a high amount of food sugar, as one can of them contains the equivalent of 10 spoons of sugar, which gives excess calories, in addition to that these drinks are rich in carbon gas, which hinders the digestion process, and organic acids that destroy tooth enamel. .

8- Adopting whole foods as much as possible, and staying away from refined foods that lack many nutrients as a result of emergency and non-emergency transactions that affected them.

9 – Abandon fried foods in favor of boiled or grilled foods, because the former are full of fat, which makes them high in energy and contributes to an increase in fat reserves in the body. In addition to this, frying pans are usually unhealthy foods, due to the problems they cause in the digestive tube, weight and arteries.

10 – Using spices to sweeten food on behalf of sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, and others) that are full of fats and additives. Spices give little energy, besides that they have great medical and health benefits because they contain useful natural ingredients that destroy microbes, fungi and toxins, and are useful in treating many diseases.

11 – Stay away from canned and ready-made foods, because they contain compounds that are not in the interest of the person wishing to reduce his weight, as such foods are often filled with the triple destructive of health: sugar, fat and salt.

12 – Not to devour food in front of the television set, because this behavior often leads to unconsciously growing larger amounts of food.

13- Chew food well before swallowing it. Recklessness in eating and drinking leads to devouring more food because the center of satiety in the brain needs some time to be informed of the messages required by the digestive system, not to mention this, the speed of eating opens the door wide to indigestion and what It is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, ranging from belching, through bloating and acidity of the stomach, and ending with abdominal pain.

14 – Beware of soup, because some of them contain fatty substances (butter, cream, oil), which do not help in the success of the weight reduction program.

15 – Eating chicken without the skin, because the latter contains a lot of fatty substances.

16 – Do not over-sprinkle salt on food, as increased consumption of salt contributes to fluid retention in the body and thus to weight gain.

17 – When you feel hungry between meals, you can chew celery or drink green tea, as they help burn calories.

18 – Asking for healthy food when eating in restaurants, and it is preferable if one is asked about what meals are served, to select what is good and exclude what is bad in the process of losing weight.

19 – Do not fill the kitchen cupboards with food. Especially nuts, sweets, biscuits, chocolate…etc., in order to prevent temptations and the possibility of eating them between meals.

20 – Doing household chores that will keep the owner away from thinking about eating, and thus be an incentive for him to lose weight.

21 – Replace meat with fish because it contains fewer calories.

22 – Preferring a piece of fruit, rather than juice, because it is richer in vitamins and poorer in calories.

23 – Shop for food needs intelligently without exaggeration, and it is preferable if a list of purchases is written, to avoid buying more food than needed.

24 – Going to the market with a full stomach, this prevents giving in to temptations

25 – Do not rush to reduce weight, because this method will speed up the recovery of lost kilograms faster than lightning.

26 – Walking daily for at least half an hour, because it helps in losing weight, and raises the morale of the person to attend the slimming program.

27 – Using the stairs instead of the elevator whenever it is permitted to do so, as this helps in burning a number of calories.

28 – Not to use the car for short distances, rather it is preferable in this case, to travel these distances on foot or to seek help by bicycle.

29 – Doing away with the remote control to turn on the TV or when changing stations, this helps in making more movement.

30 – Saying “No” when necessary, otherwise the diet should be greeted with peace.

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