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crispy Chicken nuggets for children


Crispy Chicken nuggets for children recipe

Ingredients: 4 pieces of boneless and skinless chicken fillet. Small onion, cut into quarters. A clove of garlic. Two tablespoons of rusk. Small spoon of salt. Quarter of a teaspoon of ground black pepper. egg yolk; Covering an egg. A pinch of salt. A small pinch of ground black pepper. A cup of rusk. Corn oil – for frying -. Method of preparation

Prepare the meat grinder, install the disc with soft holes, chop the chicken fillet, onions and garlic, and then mix them together in a deep bowl. Add the rusk, pepper, egg yolk and salt, and stir the minced chicken with fingertips until a smooth, cohesive and homogeneous mixture is formed. Prepare a large plate or tray, and put a piece of butter paper in it. Lay the chicken mixture on top of the parchment paper in a thin layer, and place another piece of butter paper on top of the chicken layer.

Put the chicken dish in the refrigerator, and leave it until it cools and is easy to slice. Take out the chicken dish from the refrigerator and cut it using a cookie cutter in different shapes (as desired). Prepare the covering by placing the egg with a little salt and pepper in a deep bowl, whisking it well with a fork, and placing the breadcrumbs in a large bowl. Put a piece of chicken in the egg mixture, and stir it well until it is covered with a light layer of eggs, then transfer it to the breadcrumbs dish, stir it well and cover it with a generous layer of breadcrumbs. Repeat the same steps to cover the rest of the chicken pieces.

Put a generous amount of corn oil in a deep frying pan, and heat the oil over a medium heat. Fry the chicken pieces in the hot oil, and stir them until they are cooked and browned and golden. Remove the crispy nuggets from the oil, and transfer them to a plate over a piece of butter paper, to absorb the excess oil. Transfer the nuggets to a wide platter suitable for serving, and serve it with ketchup and mayonnaise or any dip as desired by the children.

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