Eat Right For A Healthy Life

Our diet is an essential part of shaping our bodies. The Ayurvedic classic ‘Charak Samhita’ clearly states that improper nutrition in the wrong way is the main cause of ‘disease’. According to Charak Samhita, “A good and proper diet in disease is equivalent to 100 medicines and irrespective of the amount of medicines, failure to follow the correct diet will rarely bring good results to the disease.” Supreme Health in the state. Meals should be adjusted taking into account the ‘desha’ (territory), ‘kala’ (season and time of day), etc. In order to prevent malnutrition, one should get into the habit of consuming all six ‘rasas’ (flavors). Timing of food intake: People should only eat when they feel hungry. Lunch should be taken early between noon and 1pm. This coincides with the peak of the pitta phase, where pitta is responsible for digestion. In Ayurveda, lunch is the heaviest meal of the day. Dinner should be smaller and lighter than lunch Amount of food: In general, the stomach should be half filled with solids, one-fourth liquid, and the rest empty so that fluids can move freely. Order of food intake: Madhur (sweet) rasa foods such as fruits are the staple, amla and ravana (sour and salty) rasa are in the middle, and foods containing katu, tikta and kashai (bitter, astringent and pungent) are eaten. ) meal should be taken at the end of the meal Types of food intake: * Wash face, hands and feet before eating. A secluded, tidy and clean place where you can sit and enjoy a meal with your loved ones in a comfortable setting. *Food must be consumed after the previous one has been completely digested. * Eat hard foods first, then soft foods, then liquids. * Take a few sips of water occasionally during meals. *Heavy foods are contraindicated after meals and should be avoided. *If you eat something that is too hot, your muscle strength will decrease. Cold, dry food slows down digestion. Additive intake Heat leads to “grani”. Therefore, consumption of such foods should be avoided Intolerable food (Viruddha ahara): Milk is followed by fruit and vice versa. Soar substances with milk. milk, salt, horse gram, green gram, cow gram wheat concoction in ginger oil (tila tyra) alcohol, quark, or honey followed by hot drink. Cold and Hot Substances Together Bananas and Cottage Cheese and Buttermilk Chicken and Cottage Cheese Ghee in Bronze Containers Radishes and Jaggery Fish and Jaggery or Sugar Gingerly Seeds and Shrimp. Incompatible foods should be avoided as they lead to skin disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, anemia, vitiligo, hyperacidity and impotence. General rules for eating food: go to walk after eating to help digestion Do not travel, exercise, or have intercourse within one hour of eating. Avoid eating when thirsty and drink water when hungry. Avoid eating after exercise Avoid eating when you have no appetite. Don’t Suppress Your Appetite

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