fish kofta with potatoes with brown rice recipe

We often think of different dishes and recipes to make the meal special, so this article presents you with a delicious and easy recipe to prepare, which is how to make fish kofta with potatoes with brown rice. Fish Kofta Ingredients: * 500gm fish fillet * Three medium-sized boiled potatoes * 1 tablespoon of starch * 1 teaspoon of onion powder * 1 teaspoon of fish seasoning *Three eggs *cup of rusk * Teaspoon salt * 1 teaspoon black pepper * 1 teaspoon paprika * 1 teaspoon fine cumin * Two cups of rice * Large onion, chopped How to prepare fish kofta: – Bring a deep bowl and mash the potatoes, then chop the fish fillet well in the kibbeh, then add it to the mashed potatoes. – Fish and potatoes are added to the fish seasoning, eggs, onion powder, starch, salt and pepper, then fish kofta balls in the form of fingers. – Bring the rusk in another bowl, then add the paprika, salt, cumin, half a cup of oil and mix all together well. In another bowl, prepare two eggs, add salt and pepper to them, then put the fish kofta balls in the egg mixture, then cover the fish kofta balls with the breadcrumbs, and so on each time until you finish all of the fish kofta balls. In a greased Pyrex tray, stack the fish kofta balls, then enter the oven at a temperature of one hundred and eighty for a period of fifteen minutes to twenty minutes until maturity is complete. – In the meantime, brown rice can be prepared by preparing a deep pot over a high heat, then adding two tablespoons of vegetable oil to it until it heats up a little, then add the onion cubes and stir for three to five minutes until the onion color turns brown and not dark brown because it Makes rice taste bitter. – Then add to the onion two cups of lukewarm water and also add a teaspoon of salt and half a teaspoon of black pepper and leave the water on the fire until it boils. Wash the rice well, then add to the water, stir, cover and leave on high heat for three to five minutes until the water level in the rice decreases, then transfer the rice bowl over low heat for ten minutes to a quarter of an hour until the rice is cooked. – Take the fish kofta out of the oven and serve it on the table next to the brown rice dish.

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