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    Chicken, avocado and quinoa salad recipe

    Chicken, avocado and quinoa salad recipe Quinoa salad with chicken and avocadoYou can prepare the quinoa salad with chicken and avocado by adding your favorite salad greens and as many as you want. Ingredients2 large chicken breasts, sliced ​​and grilled1 cup of quinoa2 cups of water2 tablespoons olive oilLemon juice with rind first¼ teaspoon salt¼ teaspoon black pepper5 cups of green salad, to taste1 cup chopped small tomatoesAvocado cut into slices2 bunches chopped fresh basil leavesHow to prepareWash the quinoa well, drain and set aside.Bring a pot on the fire, and put each of the quinoa and olive oil for a minute, then add water and a pinch of salt…