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    Spicy fried chicken sandwich recipe

    Spicy fried chicken sandwich ingredients Chicken breast: a quarter of a kilo (cut into thin long strips)Eggs: 2 tabletsMilk: 3 tablespoonsFlour: 2 tablespoonsBaking powder: a tablespoonBreadcrumbs: a cup Salt, to taste Black pepper to tasteGarlic powder: 1 teaspoonOnion powder: 1 teaspoonHot red pepper: 1 teaspoon (powdered)Oil: abundant (a proper amount for frying)Lettuce: 10 leaves (chopped)Baguette bread: 2 loavesMayonnaise: half a cupHot sauce: 2 tablespoonsHow to prepareIn a medium bowl, season the chicken breasts with salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion and red pepper, and stir well until the chicken breasts are covered with the marinade, and leave for 30 minutes.Beat the eggs with the milk in a separate deep bowl,…