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    Puff-puff recipe

    Puff-puff balls recipe Puff-puffIngredients4cups Plain Flour2 Tsp . yeast1Tsp Nutmeg1/8tsp. Cinnamon(optional)100-200grm sugar.1/2tsp. salt2Cups Lukewarm water (for blendingVegetable Oil (for singing) profound fry2 Tbsp. milk or blended milk flavor.Note:If the yeast is in powder structure, then, at that point, add it when you add the other dry fixings to the flourMethod1.Sieve flour into a bowl, add nutmeg, powdered yeast, sugar and salt. what’s more Milk. Combine as one. Add water in little amounts and blend everything by hand till you have a decent mix of the relative multitude of fixings, Continue beating and blending till the player is smooth yet not too watery to even think about moving from a spoon.…