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    Grilled meatballs with eggplant recipe

    Grilled meatballs with eggplant recipe Ingredients: A kilogram of grilled eggplant. Three tablespoons of garlic. A pinch of meat spices, garlic and onion powder. Half a teaspoon of cardamom, salt and pepper. Half a kilogram of minced meat. Two onions. Two cups of chopped tomatoes. Half a cup of tomato sauce. Pinch of sugar. olive oil. Parsley and celery. How to prepare: Chop the parsley, onions, garlic and celery, then add the minced meat, spices, pepper and salt, then form the kofta in the form of balls or discs, then grill it, then grill the eggplant on the grill. How to prepare the sauce: chop the tomatoes, then saute the…

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    How To Make The Best Vegan Burger?

    How To Make The Best Vegan Burger recipe Ingredients3x tablespoons of ground rusk2 x garlic cloves2x large spoon tahini2x green onion sticks1 x small spoon of dried thyme1 x carrots (grated)1x cup of chickpeas1x cup of bulgur1 x number of sweet red pepper (finely chopped)1x small spoon of salt1 x number of eggs (fresh)½ x teaspoon hot sauce½ x teaspoon ground black pepper½ x teaspoon paprika¼ x cup fresh parsleystepsWe wash the bulgur several times, then drain the water and soak it in a dish to absorb the rest of the water and double its volume.Take the filling of your hand with bulgur from the dish and press it firmly…