The iPhone 14 enables satellite messaging

The company “Apple” presented the latest version of its new phone, “iPhone 14”, with many surprises; But without raising its price in the United States of America, the most notable surprise in this version is camera upgrades and a new feature for satellite messaging, which was revealed today, Wednesday, in an official presentation. Send “SOS” messages without a cellular connection, and they will be free for two years, starting next November. The same international event was also known as the unveiling of a new version of the “Apple Watch” and “AirPods” headphones, after the update. About the SIM card. As for the price of the “iPhone 14”, it is expected to reach $ 799, while the cost of the “iPhone 14 Plus” is about $ 899; It is expected to be available in the market starting from the 7th of next October.

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