What is the relationship between sleep and weight loss?

Sleep helps you in the process of losing weight along with a thoughtful and balanced diet, the required glasses of water, and at least twice a week of sports. What is the relationship of your sleep hours to your weight? Here are the clues!
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Lack of sleep increases weight: Lack of sleep greatly increases the hormone cortisol in your blood, which is the hormone directly responsible for your body’s unjustified demand for fatty foods and carbohydrates in particular.
Whoever sleeps less eats more: Not being satisfied with sleep, i.e. from 7 to 9 hours a night, will raise the ghrelin hormones in the body, which work to increase our appetite and make us eat more and in larger quantities than normal and familiar. Studies have shown that people with slow metabolism and fat burning have sleep problems. So make sure that your hours are within the required.
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  • Increasing the hours of sleep increases physical abilities: If you suffer from weak physical abilities during the exercises that you practice, you should take advantage of the results of recent studies conducted on a basketball team, which showed double abilities in their performance after extending their sleeping hours from 5 to 10 hours .
    Sleep helps you relax: If you are one of those who resort to eating because of stress and difficult times, and cannot maintain and maintain the diet if it is not relaxed, then sleep is the solution to relax your nerves and get the rest you need, which facilitates you and qualifies you to continue the diet.

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