best tips before buying a cat

Among the most essential of these tips:

1- Buying a cat at the age of four to 6 months, to make certain that it can devour on its own, and remain away from the elderly and younger as well.

2- Do no longer rush to purchase a cat except after making positive of its fitness and safety, with the aid of searching into its eyes and making positive that it is clean, as properly as searching in its ears and making certain that it is free of insects, and making positive that it is in a position to hear by means of doing any stimulus to hear subsequent to it such as banging, and making positive From her potential to stroll normally, and measure the cleanliness of the hair through setting the hand in her scalp and the absence of small grains, scales or pimples, and searching beneath the tail and making certain that there are no contaminants so as no longer to be susceptible to diarrhea and intestinal diseases.

3- The darker the cat’s colour becomes, the decrease its price. In the Egyptian and Syrian cat market, the white cat with blue eyes is referred to as “salon cats”, which is the most expensive.

4- Make positive that the cat takes its first vaccination, which is at the age of three months, and make certain that there is a certificates of vaccination when shopping for it.

5- Read cautiously about the sorts of cats earlier than buying, and pick the kind that you can deal with.

6- Preparing a “Litter Wax” for the cat for handy transportation and napping internal it.
7- Preparing the sand of the granular kind to be the area for the cat’s needs.

8- Preparing a “mattress” and a shovel for cleaning, and two medium-sized pottery dishes to put meals and water for the cat. Pottery is endorsed due to the fact it does now not engage with food, and is additionally no longer without problems broken.

9- Allocate a clipper for the cat to completely reduce its nails, and the physician have to be current the first time to reduce her nails so that he tells you the proper way.

10- Provide small toys for the cat, such as a small ball with the bell, as properly as a piece of wool.

11- Dealing with the cat efficaciously via taking into account its worry in the first two days, the opportunity of it refraining from ingesting and relieving itself, as nicely as now not strolling closer to it so as no longer to expand its fear.
12- Putting meals in a clear area for her, and taking into account giving her some kinds of meals in the first week, such as “tuna, chicken, and Nesto cheese”, and now not giving her uncooked meat such as “luncheon and pastrami”, as nicely as now not giving her immoderate milk so that she does no longer get diarrhea, and now not immoderate Also in giving her fish due to the fact it leads to her hair loss, and it is ample to devour it as soon as a week, after peeling it for her, and to make positive that it is free of thorns, and do no longer neglect to put together “dry food” to be a dietary complement with the important food.

13- Determining a unique title for her and calling her often, mainly in the first days, and especially at the time of placing meals for her.

14- Bathing in iciness is as soon as each three weeks or a month, whilst in summer season it is as soon as each and every week or 10 days.

15- Ensure that her hair is combed nicely after the bathe so that the hair does now not grow to be knotted, and she dries it well.

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