Worst food to eat before sleep

There are some foods that you should avoid before going to sleep, because of the side effects that affect the body:

Coffee: You may resort to coffee to satisfy your hunger, thinking that it is a correct option because it does not contain calories.

But we warn you against coffee because it is a very strong stimulant that may cause you to sleep all night. On the other hand, it contains a diuretic, which will keep you up all night.

Chocolate: How we love chocolate, how delicious it is, but it is not a suitable choice for bedtime, even bitter chocolate, because in both cases, despite

Its anti-oxidants content remains rich in caffeine and sugar that will keep you energized into the morning hours!

Cheese: yellow or white in two cases that are difficult for your intestines to digest right before bedtime. It is an inappropriate choice par excellence!

Spices: We mean chips flavored with spices and all foods rich in spices, because eating them before bed is a direct search for trouble!

And because it is a great natural tonic for many, instead of relaxing, you will find yourself cleaning the toilet, washing the car or writing books!

Sweets: keep well; Ice cream, cupcakes, candies and the whole family of desserts. Calories will be converted into energy

You do not need it in the first hours of the night, then it will accumulate fat in your body.

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