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brain-boosting juices and beverages for concentration


8 drinks that help focus

Just as foods differ among themselves, with regard to their effect on understanding and concentration, so do drinks, as some of them contain substances that help transmit nerve waves between cells, others that help transfer oxygen to tissues, and others help in the strength of information retention and memory safety.

Among the most important drinks worth mentioning in this section:

The brain needs water as much as the body needs it, and perhaps more. the majority of our body composition is made of water. Therefore, with its loss, we lose many elements of strength and focus. There is a difference between drinking 2 liters of water at once, and distributing this amount over several hours, and we need small doses throughout the day to increase mental abilities.

For example, a study conducted on 447 people demonstrated that drinking 3 cups of water before performing tasks increases the speed of the mind’s reaction by 14%, and increases memory and ability to understand. The same study showed that the lack of water drinking had a negative impact on the general mood, with an increase Anxiety and mental confusion. In another study, it was noted that there was a significant difference in the academic scores between students who drink water and those who do not drink water during the exam.

Green tea
Green tea is famous for containing antioxidants such as (Flavonoids & Polyphenols), these protect the heart and arteries from clots, as well as protect against the formation of cancer, and green tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine, which stimulates the mind, and contains epigallocatechin-3 gallate, a substance that helps On the growth of brain cells and protect them from destruction, a cup to three a day is sufficient for this purpose.

Caffeine (coffee and tea)
Caffeine in tea and coffee has a stimulating effect on the brain and helps focus, but the problem with it lies in balancing its desired stimulant effect with the side effects that come from excessive, such as insomnia, rapid and irregular heartbeat. A cup of coffee (of any kind) per day is sufficient for this. Cinnamon can also be added to coffee for best results, and adding mint to tea reduces stress and improves performance.

ginseng syrup
Ginseng drink helps to increase mental activity and stimulate memory, and one cup of it daily is sufficient for this purpose.

It is a drink full of antioxidants and has a strong immune effect, as it resists infection with microbes and viruses, which prevents diseases during exams, and helps facilitate blood flow to the brain.

rosemary (rosemary)
Especially the fresh ones with the smell, as it contains a substance (8-cineole), which helps to increase mental abilities, and you can take it as a drink or add it as a dry plant to foods, and even smelling the fragrance from it as a result of the volatile oils in it has a good effect. It is recommended to take a daily cup of this wonderful drink.

Sage, or sage, was called in the past a “thinking drink”, as it strengthens the weak memory and restores it in a short time, and it resists the enzyme responsible for breaking down acetylcholine in the brain.

fresh juices
These are easy-to-prepare drinks rich in vitamins and minerals, especially banana milk, lemon and water syrup, guava juice, and pineapple, and cane juice has an additional feature, which is its ability to quickly increase the secretion of serotonin, the hormone of happiness that raises the general mood. It is sufficient to eat one cup per day of these juices, due to their high sugar content.

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