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How to detox your body in a day ?

Lemon Water

detoxing your body in a day ?

The human body is well equipped to get rid of toxins, but some bad eating habits for a while may cause bloating and some stomach problems. In this case, your body needs some natural ways to get rid of toxins. Below we will give you a way to detox the body in just one day, try it.

These 5 tips will help you cleanse your entire body in one day, follow them step by step:
Lemon water: Drink a glass of cold or warm water with a slice of lemon when you wake up. This step is very basic, as the pectin in lemons is very effective for cleaning the body of toxins. Drinking water with lemon juice will help you curb appetite and feel full for as long as possible.
Get rid of bloating by eating a healthy breakfast: Cleaning the body in one day does not mean not eating, the important thing is to choose the right types of foods. Eat a breakfast free of any type of starch such as bread, cake or breakfast cereal because it will lead to water retention in your body. Instead, focus on proteins like hard-boiled eggs and salmon. This combination is ideal because it provides you with protein and omega-3s that boost metabolism. You can also choose any type of natural juice.
Clean up your diet during the day: After breakfast, it’s time for lunch and then dinner. You should make sure not to miss any of these meals during this day, but it is important to make sure to clean your diet within these meals. This means that you should stay away from eating sweets and not add any amount of salt to your recipes, just add a little spice to flavor your food.
Have tea after lunch: Drink a cup of ginger tea or green tea. These ingredients help cleanse the body of toxins by greatly facilitating the digestion process.
Exercising: Exercising helps increase the heart rate, which means increasing blood flow at the same time. This in turn will help you get rid of toxins from the body.

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