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    The easy way to get a juicy Roast Turkey

    The easy way to get a juicy Roast Turkey IngredientsTurkey Ingredients: Turkey.A carton of yoghurt.Two tablespoons of mustard.Two tablespoons of ketchup.Two chopped onions, soaked in a cup of water and drained.The juice of two lemons.A tablespoon of vinegar and olive oil.An amount of salt, pepper, and spices as desired.Quarter of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Rice Ingredients: Four cups of basmati rice.A tablespoon and a half of sugar.Onion small in size and not chopped.Four cups of water.Two cubes of chicken broth.A quantity of spice, cinnamon, and salt to taste.A quarter cup of vegetable oil.A quantity of each of raisins, and roasted nuts, to decorate the face. How to prepareMix the…