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Beef steak with sautéed vegetables for diet

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Beef steak with sautéed vegetables for diet


Steak: 4 slices Butter: 125 oil: 2 table spoons Black pepper: a pinch Salt: a pinch Cream: a cup (liquid)Beans: 1 cup (green, thin, halved)Mushrooms: 12 tablets Potatoes: 12 tablets (small size, peeled)Peas: 1 cup (frozen)Tomato: 4 pcs (small size)Toast bread: 4 slices (soft)How to prepare Place the peeled potatoes in an oven tray with the tomatoes and roast until soft, turning from time to time. You can rub the potatoes with a little butter before putting them in the oven. after that, season the steaks with salt and black pepper. After 20 minutes of putting the potatoes in the oven, heat 25 g of butter in a small skillet, and stir in the green beans with a pinch of salt until slightly softened .Repeat with mushrooms and peas. Place a slice of toast on each serving plate, and divide the sautéed vegetables among the four plates .Heat vegetable oil with 25 g of butter in a frying pan, and fry steak slices until cooked .Lift the steak slices off the fire and place them on the toast slices .Melt the remaining butter in the same skillet over a low heat, then add the cream and stir. add black pepper and salt to give it a good taste When it begins to boil, remove it from the heat and pour it over the meat. Put 3 potatoes and 1 grilled tomato in each plate, and serve the dish hot.

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