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shrimps with tomato sauce and garlic

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Shrimps with tomato


Kilogram of fresh or frozen croft.

Two tomatoes, medium size, peeled.

Two tablespoons of tomato paste.

Five cloves of minced garlic.

Four tablespoons of olive oil.

a glass of water.

Teaspoon dry thyme.

One and a half teaspoons of salt.

How to prepare

We bring the amount of fresh cronut, clean it well and wash it several times, and if it is frozen, leave it until the snow melts from it, and bring a bowl, put a quantity of warm water in it and leave it on the fire for five minutes, add the amount of cronut to the hot water and let it boil for ten minutes, and remove it from the water and put it on the filter. Bring a frying pan, add the amount of oil and garlic, and stir for two minutes so that it does not burn. Add the shrimp beads and stir them in oil for five minutes on a low heat, then put a cup of water and tomato paste, and a tomato after chopping it finely. Stir the ingredients well, add salt, thyme, and black pepper to taste, and leave the mixture on the fire for fifteen minutes.

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