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what about eating the perfect dinner

Eating At Night

Is it permissible to eat dinner before going to bed? What are the components of this meal, in order to avoid gaining weight?

Two questions that keep coming to you,

The Low Cal Diet Clinic provides you with the following answers to their answers.

The strategy that aims to lose weight is to avoid carbohydrates (starches) at dinner, because the hormones responsible for the digestive process decrease in effectiveness when it is time for dinner, which is preferably taken two or three hours before bedtime, knowing that breakfast and lunch are suitable for eating the latter. . pictures of the moon

The perfect dinner
Replace your “carbs” at night with fiber, lean protein and a little bit of fat.
*Healthy protein includes: a can of tuna in water, or a piece of smoked salmon, or grilled fish fillet, or grilled chicken, or grilled halloumi, or labneh, or a piece of omelette made of two eggs, or a slice of “steak”, Provided that the number of times of eating “steak” does not exceed twice a week.

  • Fiber includes: a meal of vegetables (salad) to which a tablespoon of oil is added, or steamed vegetables, or a plate of stew without rice.
    Breakfast ingredients can also be included in dinner, according to the following options:
    _ The first option: two tablespoons of fat-free labneh, a quarter of a loaf of parchment, and 5 olives or a teaspoon of olive oil.
    _ The second option: 3 slices of low-fat white cheese, a small loaf of Arabic brown bread and 5 olives.
    _ The third option: two slices of turkey (or a slice of turkey and a slice of cheese), a piece of French bread and a teaspoon of “light” mayonnaise.
    The fourth option: a fried egg in a teaspoon of oil and a small loaf of brown Arabic bread. Men’s board decorations
    _ The fifth option: two cubes of “light” cream cheese and 5 olives. Muhammad Ramadan’s wife
    _ The sixth option: Half a cup of legumes (beans, chickpeas, lentils), a small loaf of brown Arabic bread and a teaspoon of olive oil.
    Note: You can eat as many vegetables as you like, with this meal

3 tips
_ Drink two glasses of water before dinner, which helps you eat less food, because the liquid will fill your stomach.
_ If you still feel hungry, add a cup of fat-free yogurt, with garlic, mint and cucumber, to your meal.

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